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America IS A Christian Nation, Time Out for Q&A

I want to thank several individuals who have posted questions or comments elsewhere on Facebook.  And I would like to take a little time to comment or answer several of them.  I expect that these questions may be rolling around in the heads of others who have read the series as well.

These questions and comments largely find basis in the poster's preconceptions regarding the relationship between God, country and man.  In the Declaration of Independence, that relationship certainly does exists.  But that relationship has nothing to do with religion. 

Here is the first question:

I am interested in knowing why is it important to you that America be identified as a Christian nation?

Thank you for the question.  Whether I think it is important that America be identified as a Christian nation does not affect the truth America IS a Christian nation, as defined as a nation that draws its sovereign authority from Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Bible and New Testament scriptures.

Your question might better be asked, why I believe it is important to tell people about America being a Christian nation.  The answer to that question is that I have a heartfelt interest in the truth of the matter.  That interest has come upon me as fire comes to a match.  First, I expect that this interest has always been there waiting for a spark, but when the spark lit, and the match of truth began to burn, understanding the forces at work in America and the world that are trying to extinguish that truth, it just seems my personality to keep the fire lit.

So the importance I ascribe to broadcasting this message  has nothing to do with my advocacy of any particular point of view on the truth.  The importance I ascribe to this message is the importance I ascribe to being truthful.

Regarding the truth of the matter, I have constructed the arguments in this series such that anyone who disagrees with any succeeding conclusion, can trace their disagreement back to a point at which his or her thinking diverged away from mine.  So if someone disagrees with my conclusion, but agrees with all of the facts that build the conclusion, then their disagreement in the end can only find basis in something other than the facts, most likely a preconception brought through to them end despite the facts, or a personal preference of the truth that persists despite the facts, or a misunderstanding of the facts or the way that I portray them.  Truth transcends anyone's beliefs or preconceptions.

Next Comment:

I was wondering about the Native Americans who were there long before, the Christians, as far as I remember. It saddens me to think what they and my ancestors suffered at the hands of the 'Christians' who took over our lands. What indignities people have suffered in the name of such self-righteousness is there for anyone who remembers history to see.

I understand, and agree.  Yet the manner in which certain individuals or groups adopt religion in their lives, and practice that religion, imperfectly, does not change the facts of America's founding or source of authority.  That source of authority is Jesus Christ of the Bible and New Testament.  That individuals and groups, who refer to themselves as members of a Christian denomination or religion, do not live by the scriptures does not change the scriptures.  That the American government may not act according to the scriptures does not change the scriptures.  And nothing about the manner in which any religion, Christian or otherwise, finds roots within the American borders changes the fact that American sovereignty comes from Jesus Christ.  Demonstrating the truth of that fact was the subject of the first series of articles, Is American A Christian Nation.

I encourage you to remain reading the series.  The basis of your comment will find a home in the discussion.  What I am telling you, in these small bites, is what I learned only after lengthy and heartfelt analysis of the facts.  But after considering the remarks of our Founders, and some of our enlightened early statesmen, such as Lincoln, the light bulb came on.  This discussion centers only around America's authority as a nation.  It does not center around religion practices within that nation.  I hope that helps to further your understanding.  Hang in there.  If you do,and if you truly consider what I am telling you, I expect you to have a 'light bulb' moment as well.

Next Comment:

Organised religion is just that, an organisation that strives to be supreme and claims to be supreme and run strategically. It will do what it takes to stake it's claim on the world. It was overt expression of power and might at one time and now it is quiet and insiduous. No religion can stake it's exclusive claim on being humanitarian. Christians have Christs, Muslims the prophet Mohammed, Buddhists have Buddha and so on. So every religion in America is going to quote the teachings of their Prophet/God and claim America to be REALLY a Muslim, Buddhist etc..nation?

I find no fault with anything that you have written...surprise!  Organized religion is largely of man.  There is no official organized religion of America.  In fact, to establish one would violate the Constitution's first amendment.  No, to establish any particular religion in America was not the concern of the Founders who signed the declaration of Independence.  Their concern was to establish a basis of personal authority for each of us to own ourselves and the product of our own hands, which government would have no unrestricted authority to affect.  That authority over our lives is given to us personally by Jesus Christ. And that personal authority over our lives, our freedom to pursue happiness is our right only by virtue of endowment from Jesus Christ.  That personal authority is our human right.

All unalienable human rights come to us by this same means.  We in turn have the right to use some of that authority to authorize and institute a government of our choosing.  So because human rights come from God, to the people, on the way to the government, the government never owns sufficient authority to deny its people their basic rights. 

Prior to America's establishment, governmental deprivation of human rights was the rule, not the exception.  And that rule once manifested as in one particularly egregious act against one man Who had done absolutely nothing to deserve it.  That man was Jesus Christ.  But because Jesus Christ survived the ultimate act denying Him His very human life, certainly His liberty and any earthly pursuit that He may have otherwise undertaken, as a result, according to the scriptures, Jesus Christ is given all authority over Heaven and earth.  That is how Jesus came to own the authority sufficient to endow every man certain unalienable rights.  That is the only basis for human rights that are truly unalienable.  Any rights conveyed by man can be denied by man.  But rights conveyed by God can only be denied by God.

Next Comment:

I think if our nation was truly centered on Christ, it would look a lot different.

Whoa!  You said a mouthful!  And that comment plays largely into the present discussion regarding America and the divine Providence.  I agree with you 100%.

Next Comment:

Why do we need a nation of organized religion? How would it be any different from Big Brother?

I agree.  America is not a theocracy, one guided and authorized by man's organized religion.  That would be very dangerous, indeed, and would formulate an authoritative basis by which human rights could justifiably be denied the people.  In fact, human rights are denied to people who live within theocracies as a rule, rather than exception.  In a theocracy, authority is given to the government from a deity, and any rights for the people exist at the government's pleasure.  Obviously, that is not the design of America.  The flow of authority comes from God of the Bible and New Testament directly to the people, and any authority for the government exists at the people's pleasure.

Last Comment:

I don't believe in theocracies. My earlier statement was me saying that if the majority of our country (as some claim our majority consists of Christians and thus that's why we are a "Christian nation") actually acted like Christ, than there would be definite changes and our country would look a lot different than it does now.

Again, I agree with you 100%.

OK, I believe that I have answered the questions and comments that have thus far come my way.  So be on the look out for the next installment of America IS a Christian Nation.  It will come your way soon.  And if this subject matter interests you, I encourage you to click on the 'subscribe' button.

I will be back again soon.  And I thank all who have participated, either by reading or by commenting or asking questions.


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  1. Man, you sure answered those questions superbly, Hank! Sorry it took me so long to finally getting around to reading these, but I've been really busy for the last 48 hours and am just now catching up on the blogs I follow. I will post this to my feed momentarily.
    Blessings always!


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